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Innovative Research Thoughts
ISSN 2454-308X

Impact - 5.41
An International Journal for Research Publication
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1. Individual
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4. University
5. Institutes
6. library
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8. Others

Charges :
Single Issue             = INR 1,000/- in India and Out side India $30 (Current or Previous)
One Year                = INR 5,000/- in India and Other Countries $150
Five Year                = INR 20,000/- in India and Other Countries $500

Note :
* Previous issues are subject to availability only.
* Subscribers will be sent all the issues (Hard Copies) for subscribed period only via post or courier at no extra cost.
* Once Subscribed, subscription will not be cancelled or transferred.
* For renewal of subscription please fill the new subscription form.

Mode of payment :
For mode of payment please check  Processing Charges.

Subscription form :
Subscription request form can be downloaded  HERE  & duly filled form can be sent via email / post / courier or in-person


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