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V2-I1, January - March 2016
ISSN 2454-308X
Impact - 5.42
Peer Reviewed

Environment Pollution and its impact on Flora and Fauna :  Nasib,
Socio-Economic Aspects Of Population : A Case Study Of Manoharpur Village, Jind  : Gurdev
Reflection of Elements of John Keats  : Kumari Reena
Analysing The Effect Of Wind Class In Wind Turbine Energy Production : Nipun
Enhancing Security of Network Applications : Nipun
Study on Consumer Perception and Behaviour on Herbal Textiles : Harinder Pal Arora1
Interdisciplinary Graduate Education In Science And Justice  : Dr. Somnath Das
The Ganges:- Pollution And Ways To Conservation  : Amit Kar
Communication In Management  : Jayita Ghosh
Conservation Of Fish And Shellfish Resources  : Sanjay Dey
Development and Simulation of Medicine Prescription System to represent the Application of Expert system : Poonam
Review on eco-friendly natural dyeing, different types of chemical bonds and its role in dyeing : Pooja Kumari, kavita
Research Paper on Cloud Security  : Annu Devi
Mass Media and its Communication Perspective  : Dr. Dilawar Singh
A Study on Problems related to Resettlement and Rehabilitation in India         Dr. Ankur Pare
An Overall Study on assessing the Problems of Displaced People in India      Dr. Ankur Pare
A Relational study on Urbanization and Displacement in India      Dr. Ankur Pare

An analysis of Urbanization in Haryana   -   Anubandh