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V3-i10,  October - December  2017
Author(S) Title
Bindu Bansal
Historical Review of Prison Reforms in India and recommendations of All India Jail Committee(1919-1920)
Pardeep Saini Business Communication, its Advantages and Disadvantages :  A Review

Dr.Sandeep Gill, Geoffrey Chaucer : The Father of English Literature
Sandeep Kumar A Review of Some Simple Reactions Of Covalently Bonded Molecules
Atam Singh
The Importance of Yoga and Physical Education
Suman Devi Balance Of Payments its term and conditions
Suman Devi Economic Growth and Structural Change in Rajasthan
Parveen Kumar The Causes of the Rise of Magadha: A Review
Gurjeet Singh An Overview on Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination
Gurjeet Singh Organational change and Employee Attitude
Neetu Singh Impact and Exchange rate of Currency Devolution in India
Neetu Singh The Effect of Higher Education on Economy in India
Surbhi Goyal Bonding theories : A Review
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Sandeep Dhilon Digital India: An Overview
Sandeep Dhilon Impact of Govt. Policy on Higher education and gross Enrolment ratio in India
Satender Kumar Narrating the Ordeals: A Study of African American Women Writings with Special Reference to Toni Morrison
Satender Kumar Materialism and Cultural Quest: A Study of Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
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Dr. Bimblesh K. Singh Interrogating the Gendered Binaries towards Symbiotic Wholeness : A Study of Kamala Das’s Poetry
Dr. Bimblesh K. Singh The Tempest : From Temporality to Transcendence
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ISSN 2454-408X
Impact - 5.42
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